How SOLIDWORKS Electrical and PCB Get Rid of the Guesswork

How do companies use SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS PCB to solve all of their designing needs? From the very beginning of the idea process, SOLIDWORKS can help electrical and mechanical engineers design every detail leading to the finished product.

One of the most important aspects of working in SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS PCB is being able to work together in completing a project. Electrical and Mechanical engineers must be able to communicate thoroughly and smoothly every step of the way. Luckily, SOLIDWORKS makes that process easy by getting rid of the guesswork between electrical and mechanical design teams.

What is SOLIDWORKS Electrical?


SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a powerful design tool that makes designing 2D and 3D multi- and single-line schematics a breeze. Electrical engineers find that using the integrated library of symbols and manufactured parts drastically improves the design process, which in turn, helps them get their product to market faster.


SOLIDWORKS PCB allows users to easily create and design printed circuit boards that can effortlessly be inserted into an electrical design. Regardless of any changes in the design process that need to be made, users can stay up to date and make that appropriate changes in SOLIDWORKS 3D software.

How do SOLIDWORKS PCB and Electrical get rid of the guesswork?

SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS PCB promotes a well-managed design process between the two domains with tools such as design commenting and revision management. There are also design resolution checks that are built in to ensure an error free design when multiple teams are working together.

The PCB Altium designer connector fills the gap to link an electrical design in Altium to a mechanical design in SOLIDWORKS. If there are any changes to a design, the changes are updated in real time so no detail gets left behind. In a nutshell, SOLIDWORKS wants to help guarantee everyone working on a project is on the same page and aren’t left guessing during the process.


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