How SOLIDWORKS Simulation Can Drive Your Trebuchet Design and Produce Striking Results

3DVision Technologies offers a webinar series titled HOW TO SOLVE IT. This webinar series is designed to help make you Better, Faster, and Smarter. This series takes place on the first three Wednesdays of the month at 10:00 AM.  

This weeks webinar addresses how SOLIDWORKS and Simulation were used to help local Cub Scouts learn about engineering and throw objects really far. This webinar focuses on how SOLIDWORKS made the design of a 8 foot trebuchet fast and safe. Using Weldments, Simulation, and Motion this trebuchet came to life digitally, showing the scouts how cool engineering really is. The trebuchet turned out to be a huge crowd pleaser, and was able to throw an eight pound medicine ball 60 some yards!

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Take a look at the webinar and see first hand the design process of a trebuchet using SOLIDWORKS. As always if you have any question or need further information just contact 3DVision Technologies.



Take a look at Teaching Kids How to Fling Stuff! With SOLIDWORKS and Trebuchets – Part One and Teaching Kids How to Fling Stuff! With SOLIDWORKS and Trebuchets. Part Two the Design for event more information on this series. And be on the look out for Part Three coming soon. 

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