How to Configure Your SOLIDWORKS Workstation from BOXX

Adrian Fanjoy and myself were recently asked to team up with our friends at BOXX to help them out with an article they were working on about what hardware to consider when looking for a workstation  for SolidWorks.

The article starts by asking you three questions about your workflow.

  1. How big are my assemblies?
  2. How complex are my parts ­les?
  3. How many geometric surfaces do I have?

Based upon your responses to those questions, you can begin to formulate a plan. In your plan for considering new hardware the article takes you through several different areas that you will want to consider and it starts with the number of processing cores in you workstation as well as the BOXX advantage of overclocking. They continue with the topics of RAM, Graphics Cards, and the gain in performance from using SSDs. The article concludes with a case for dedicated rending when your workflow includes a significant amount of rending your designs.

To get a copy of the full article select the link below

How to Configure Your SOLIDWORKS Workstation from BOXX

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Josh Altergott

CATI Support Manager

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