How to Create a 3DQuickPress Assembly PRL

The PRL technology is used to automate and leverage SolidWorks and 3DQuickPress data in order to speed up the creation and editing of assemblies, parts, and drawing files according to a designer’s and or a companies’ standard best practices. In this blog we are going to concentrate on 3DQuickPress Assembly PRL’s.

The PRL’s will update to the new size X,Y and Z following the die set structure when inserted into the design with a completed Detail Drawing, ability to the add Properties, BOM information 1 time to the PRL’s, Standard Components, Standard Fasteners, Dowels would not be included in a Part PRL.

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Thanks and I hope you enjoy “How to make an Assembly PRL”, please check back for other articles in this series “PRL Wizard” using the PRL technology to automate and leverage SolidWorks using 3DQuickPress.

Ronnie C. Flaugh

Technical Analyst

Strategic Technology Solutions

Computer Aided Technology

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