How to create a DXF of a sketch in SOLIDWORKS

Several people have recently asked me how to take a set of sketch text and save it out as a DXF in SOLIDWORKS.  Here are a couple of methods that are fairly simple.  

Let's look at the first method:  Direct from a part file

1) Create the sketch you are wanting and stay Normal to


2) Save as>DXF 

3) In the property for DXF/DWG Output select Annotation view and Current view.  In the origin, select any point you need to keep centered.

SKETCH TO DXF from part

4) Then hit OK

Now the other method:  From a drawing

1) Create the sketch you are wanting

2) Copy the the sketch to the clipboard

3) Open a drawing and delete the title block

4) Paste the sketch

5) Save as> DXF



Hopefully you can choose the method best suited for your goal.


Ketul Patel

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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