How to organize inspection documents by type automatically when exporting them from SOLIDWORKS Inspection?

There are several organizations that would like to have their FAI/In Process reports separated by either dimensions or method of measurement. I am sure there are several other ways companies would organize their inspection documents, so this process can be used in other ways. Lets dive into the different ways documents can be separated. For those of you who are excel guru’s, you can use an IF and Then formula. Perhaps you can even write a macro to hide certain rows so that only the characters you want are shown. The only down point to this is, the user must be good at programming or have in-depth knowledge of excel.

The second method is to use token conditional formatting. You do not have to be great with any type of programming language or have to know excel that well. The only thing this method takes is the understanding of the syntax of the token. If you don’t know what a token is, it’s the syntax that links the characteristics from SOLIDWORKS Inspection to excel. Here is an example of a standard token that links the “nominal” dimensional value to a cell:


If you wanted to only show the line items that will be measured by a CMM on a separate spreadsheet then modify the token like this:


The thing to understand here is that the @InspectionMethod=’CMM’ is just a variable. You can create a whole new set of variable using the LISTS on which to organize your excel sheets.

Ketul Patel

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