I Need To Use A Non-True Type Font

Recently a customer called to inquire about using a non-True Type font with SolidWorks. They had an older laser-cutting machine that could not work with True Type fonts, so could they install a non-True Type font to use with their designs?

Installing a new font is a piece of cake, but the issue is that SOLIDWORKS only supports True Type fonts. So what to do? Create your own library of letters or words? That did not sound appealing to me, so I went looking for something else.

What I found was the ability to ‘Dissolve Sketch Text’ – this converts the text created with True Type fonts into lines, arcs, splines and so on. This way you get the best of both worlds – the ease of using approved text formats and the ablity to convert that text into something your aging equipment can use.

‘Dissolve Sketch Text’ can be found by inserting some text into a sketch and then right-clicking on the text. It will be on the right-mouse menu.

Have fun.

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