Introducing the Stratasys J55

Stratasys’ new J55 3D Printer has taken desktop PolyJet 3D printing leaps and bounds from where it once stood.

, Introducing the Stratasys J55

With a rotating build tray and multi-material capabilities, the J55 will give you faster 3D prints with hyper-realistic textures and Pantone certified color. Imagine multiple full color prototypes done overnight that feel exactly like your product. Let’s take a deeper look into how this is accomplished.

Print Speed

Most improvements we’ve seen for 3D printing regarding speed are minor tweaks with minor enhancements. Rarely do we see the entire printer change as we have with the J55.

PolyJet 3D printing is a 2-part process. The print head takes turns jetting material onto a build tray and then curing it with UV lighting. As with most types of 3D printing, the print head moves around and the build area remains stationary, until now. The J55 combines a static print head with a rotating build tray for fast, high quality 3D prints.

The J55 build tray spins like a record player. When a section of the tray is under the print head, material is jetted out. When that section is rotated away from the print head, material is cured. Because material jetting and curing are now done at the same time, 3D prints will finish much faster than before.
See the visual below for more details:
, Introducing the Stratasys J55

Print Quality

Whether extruding material from a single print head or building from a vat or powder bed, the majority of 3D printers only allow for one material in your finished part. Because PolyJet allows material to disperse from thousands of controlled jet heads, you have the option of multi-material 3D prints.
With multi-material printing on the J55 you can print up to 5 materials in one print. This allows for full color and texture 3D prints. The J55 is Pantone Certified meaning it can print prototypes with your exact brand standards. The hyper-realistic textures allow stakeholders to hold a prototype that feels exactly the same as the end product, leading to faster design approval.
, Introducing the Stratasys J55

Created for Any Workspace

Putting a J55 in your workplace isn’t much different than an industrial 2D printer (only cooler).

Size: At approximately 2 feet wide by 5 feet tall it takes little space in any professional setting.
Noise: Operating at under 53 decibels, it makes about as much noise as your common refrigerator.
Smell: A ProAero Air Extractor effectively captures and filters out fumes for a safe and odor free operation.

, Introducing the Stratasys J55

The Stratasys J55 is truly a revolution in 3D printing. Click here for more information

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