COSMOS is the FEA tool built to function right inside your SOLIDWORKS interface. It is intended to empower both specialists and designers/engineers with capabilities to analyze their designs in an easy and resourceful way, and understand the results with its extremely user-friendly post-processing features.

Its efficient integration with SOLIDWORKS makes it all the more versatile. In-built features such as using design scenarios for What if scenarios and easy re-analysis of design changes makes the tool technically sound. The breadth of the product in terms of addressing typical industry problems from stress analysis to fluid flow problems makes COSMOS a comprehensive mainstream product. Added to this, the comfortable pricing pattern makes the package affordable and a welcome tool in the industry today.

The origins of COSMOS run back to 1985 when Structural Research Analysis Corporation (SRAC) came out with the first FEA product for personal computers. It was called COSMOS/M and carried linear and non-linear functionality that was further developed during the following years.

By 1995, SOLIDWORKS came into being, and started gaining ground as a Windows-based CAD application. SRAC became a partner solution to SOLIDWORKS, and became the first Gold Partner in 1997. This enabled COSMOS to have single-window integration with SolidWorks. This integration allowed full associativity with the CAD model.

SOLIDWORKS Corp. acquired SRAC in 2002, and COSMOS has now become a product that is developed and released by SOLIDWORKS Corp. This unification has strengthened the bond between the products from a product development standpoint, and has helped in all portions of customer satisfaction, including concurrent sales, training and technical support.

COSMOS now enjoys the privileges of being a first-choice product for the CAD industry, and is an ever-growing application while maintaining its stance on ease-of-use. For more information on COSMOS, and to sign up for a free seminar on COSMOS in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky, please visit

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