Keeping the honest honest with automated cache management

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM 2014 has introduced a new function named “Clear cache during log out” -from the help file:

Automatically clears the local cache upon logout. This removes unneeded files, reduces the cache size, and increases security on machines used by multiple users.

When users logs out, Enterprise PDM clears the cache of any folders with this setting using an automated version of the Clear Local Cache command.

The cache is also cleared when users select to work offline or when users shut down their computers without logging out.


Pretty exciting isn’t it? Users have been asking for this functionality from the beginning! I have heard people mention another possible security benefit with this feature. If you travel with your laptop, it may be nice to have some of your higher security projects automatically removed from your hard drive in case your laptop is stolen.

Be careful thinking of this as a security feature! These files are not wiped clean with any type of encryption, they still can be brought back with data recovering utilities. This is a nice new function to keep users from accidentally seeing files they are not supposed to, but should not be used to replace your existing data security measures.

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