Keeping the welders happy.

Welders. They’re a finicky bunch. Some want to total length of the stock pieces, others only want a cut list. How can you keep both sides of the weld shop happy?

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM 2010 can get you both automatically! You don’t even have to raise a mouse-button-clicking-finger.

When you are in the “Bill of Materials” tab of a weldment, you can have two types of weldment BOMs available to you. A weldment BOM and a weldment cut list. A weldment BOM lists the components and total component length for the weldment part. A weldment cut list contains the cut lengths and quantities for each component.

Isn’t it great when you can make people happy when the software does all of the work? Now the Montagues and Capulets can be together at last.

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