Knurl 2D Style!!

We had a couple of calls today regarding the addition of an area/hatch pattern on a cylinder in a drawing.Should be simple enough right? NOT!! You get this message instead!


So a customer came up with a work around until we can get this sorted out. Here are the steps:

This is where we want the knurl to go.


Create a new layer called Knurl and draw a square where the knurled area is to be.

2  3

Hide the solid body leaving the square just created. You can apply an area/hatch to this boundary.



End result………….Looks like this.


A workaround to get you through without modeling knurls. There is another option here. You could also use a split line feature which would divide the cylinder into 2 faces. This would produce similar results.

Todd Werginz

Technical Analyst


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