Ladderball in SolidWorks

Not all things SOLIDWORKS have to be work related. If you meet certain guidelines [check your EULA] you may be entitled to have a copy of SOLIDWORKS installed at home.

While attending a recent football game, I noticed nearly every tailgate party had either a cornhole set or a ladderball set. I really thought ladderball looked fun but at $60 a set, they are way out of an Engineering Data Specialists’ budget.

In effort to take down the man (or at least the marketing guy who decided to charge $60 for $9 worth of materials) I have attached the plans I used in SolidWorks.

Before I get the millions of emails I normally get from these blogs, I wish to post a disclaimer: Do not use this model as a study in the ideal way to build models in SOLIDWORKS, I made this just for fun and most importantly for free. If you wish for a perfectly modeled assembly, please send me $60.

Ladderball files

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