Lay your hands on PDM

Some people can sit back and watch a demo jock show off his software and get a good feeling if the software they are looking at is right for them. I am not one of them. I need to touch, feel, and experiment on my own.

handsYesterday in Dayton several of our customers had just this opportunity. Don Hope and I had a “Hands on with SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM” seminar. The concept was pretty simple. I gave a brief introduction of basic PDM usage, then stood back and let everyone play. Users experimented with concurrent engineering, searches and even got to experiment with Enterprise’s workflow basics.

I think the users enjoyed the opportunity to “kick the tires” on their own and test the features that were most important to them. Everyone seemed surprised how quickly they learned the software basics and were using Enterprise with such little instruction.

Think you would like to touch SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM? Give your sales rep a call.

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