Inventor 2009 files do work in Enterprise 2009.

This past week, I did my first SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM install in a company that had been using Inventor and was switching to SolidWorks. I was a little nervous when I learned they were using Inventor and AutoCAD 2009. I was concerned Enterprise would not support these newest versions.

I like to show confidence when I have an entire engineering database in the palm of my hand. [Losing all of their data would not be a good time for “oops” or “sorry”.] So I tried to look cool….but I could not quit fidgeting as the first few legacy files were being dragged and dropped into their new Enterprise vault.

Turns out it did a nice job! Enterprise picked right up on the file properties, added them to the vault and was able to build BOMs right from the Inventor assemblies. They have a few engineers who will be using Inventor for a few more months during the transition. The Enterprise addin seemed to work pretty good inside of Inventor too.

From now on you can call me: “Mr. Cool as a Cucumber”

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