Leveraging the Where Used Tab in SOLIDWORKS PDM for Standard Parts & Toolbox Components

Where used tab Do you ever need to know the specific where used of your parts with configurations in SOLIDWORKS PDM? Have you explored the options on the Where Used Tab?

Depending on how you have your dropdown configured, you could be missing out on important information. If you select a file in SOLIDWORKS PDM and choose the Where Used Tab are you presented with many different options on how to filter the where used information. In this blog, we’re going to explore those options. Let’s get started.

Show the Latest Attached/Show All

This will toggle between showing all versions the file is attached to or just the latest attached.

SOLIDWORKS where used tab

latest attached Where used tab


This will toggle between a combination of all versions the file is attached to or a specific version. This may be helpful if you are trying to see changes in the Where Used or when a file was renamed or added to an assembly.

SOLIDWORKS PDM where used tab

version where used tab


Once you choose a specific version, you will see that the Configuration Drop Down is now selectable. By choosing a specific version of a file, you can then choose specific configurations of that file to report on.

configuration where used tab

Where used tab configuration

While this may not be a huge differentiator on a part file with one or two configurations, think about toolbox parts.

If you are using the SOLIDWORKS toolbox with the Create Configurations options, each time you create a new hardware type it is creating a configuration in the toolbox master file. As you can imagine, this will lead to many files in the where used if you just query the All Versions options.

where used tab

By choosing the specific version you could then choose which configuration you want to view. But what if you don’t know what version to choose? Start with the latest version of the file – that should contain the roll-up of all versions.

Alternate use for the Where Used tab

If you have manually created references within SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can remove them in this tab as well. To modify or remove a User Defined Reference, check out the parent file then select Custom References.

On the Contains or Where Used tabs of the parent file, Check in the parent file.

alternate use where used tab

Are files missing from your where used?

Updating references:

  1. Select Tools > Upgrade Reference
  2. Select “Find File” (green folder with a magnifying glass at the top)
  3. Select Root Vault location (blueberry) so the entire vault is searched
  4. Select Next, Finish, then OK
  5. Select Update in the lower right-hand corner then OK

files missing where used tab

And there you have it! I hope you found this SOLIDWORKS PDM tech tip helpful. For more SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks check out some of the related articles below.
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