Light Weight Patterns

Sometimes the patterning of holes can be to say the least very resource intensive. If you are just looking for the image or illusion of the holes to be there, we have a very lightweight alternative. The feature is called  a Cosmetic Pattern.There are only a couple of rules and the results are excellent.

1.You can only apply it to a planar face. Not a big deal as you are usually using it for something to mimic a perforated panel which is usually a purchased item.

2. Realview graphics has to be on in order to have it shown.

Expand your appearances task pane from the left and dig into appearances, miscellaneous, Real View Only Appearances.



 Make Sure Realview is turned on..



Drag the cosmetic hole pattern on to the face(s) and then configure it using the property manager as shown.










In the property manager you get all of the options to mimic a perforated panel with all the differnt shapes and options for sizing and layout.





Just to give me you an idea of the the resourses required for a Fill pattern vs a Cosmetic pattern see the stats below on a very simple part….

5 4













Enjoy and give it a try..

Todd Werginz Technical Analyst


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