Manage & Customize SOLIDWORKS Materials

Managing SolidWorks Favorite Materials

Add, remove or rearrange your favorite list

You can add materials you often use to your favorite list for faster access. This option is oftentimes overlooked, even though it resides in a window you probably use frequently. To access the window, just right-click on material in the feature manager tree, shown below. Customizing your list will make adding material to every 3D CAD model you have much simpler.

Manage & Customize SolidWorks Materials

To manage your favorite list, click on “Manage Favorites.” A new window titled “Material” opens, shown below. To add a material to the list, simply click on the material you want to add from the list to the left and click “add.” Once you have added your favorite materials, you can rearrange their order in the list by clicking on the “Up” or “Down” buttons in the window. Furthermore, you can remove them using the “Remove” button.

Manage & Customize SolidWorks Materials

Creating SolidWorks Custom Materials

Adding custom materials with mechanical properties

To create your own custom material in SolidWorks, click on Edit material. If you right-click on the custom material folder, you have the option to create a new library folder or just add a new category. The category can be Steel, Iron, Carbon Fiber, “ACME Material,” etc.

Manage & Customize SolidWorks Materials

You can now simply right-click to copy one of the materials under SolidWorks materials and paste it in the appropriate category.

Manage & Customize SolidWorks Materials

Once a material is added to your custom library, you can then rename and manage it just like any other material in the list by right-clicking on the material itself. Furthermore, you can input the mechanical properties of this material – such as the elastic modulus, density, tensile or compressive strength, etc. An example is shown below.

Manage & Customize SolidWorks Materials

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