Mass transfer - Part 2

Okay, wow…the bulk load tool took nearly eight hours to check the files into the vault. The log reports that just under 11,000 files went into the vault. The remaining files appear to be duplicates of files already in the vault. A nice side benefit of the bulk load tool. We’ll have to spend some more time analyzing the 5,000 files that did not go into the vault to confirm this…

Looks like we just dodged a bullet. The legacy files are on the same server as the Workgroup vault. Essentially we duplicated 11,000 files and their server is dangerously full! (Need to confirm this is why 5,000 files didn’t make the trip!)

So looks like I need to write a routine to delete the legacy files. This means I need to do two things I don’t like to do:

  1. Write code quickly with people looking over my shoulder
  2. Write destructive code…I hate writing code to remove data. Too much stress! 🙂 [A moment of prayer to the backup gods.]

The bulk load tool doesn’t store the full file path, so I need to search for each file one at a time. This code is going to run slower than the bulk load tool. Looks like another routine to run overnight. At least this can run as a parallel process to the rest of the import.

Customer is looking at the files that didn’t make the trip, if all looks good, it will be time for my programming to shine.

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