Maximize SOLIDWORKS Performance 2016

Adrian Fanjoy and I have been doing performance testing of SOLIDWORKS almost too many years ago to count. We have presented those results at SOLIDWORKS World each year as we have continued to refine our tests each year. So as SOLIDWORKS World 2016 is fast approaching I thought it would be good to review some of our results from our last round of testing from SOLIDWORKS World 2015.

Last year we looked at how an optimized and correctly configured workstation allows for faster design iterations, improved productivity, greater creativity and more innovation for SOLIDWORKS users and their employers. As in years past we partnered with BOXX Technologies who lent us one of their top of the line APEXX 2 CAD Workstations which allowed us to put together a large range of different test variables.

After all our testing and presentations were done we would work with Intel and the team at Desktop Engineering to turn our Achieving Extreme SOLIDWORKS Performance presentation into a white paper.

The white paper that we developed takes you through our entire process starting with the computer setup, to the set of SOLIDWORKS assemblies we used for testing, ranging in size from less than 100 to over 20,000 components. The paper then talks about the findings of our hardware testing looking at processors speed and number of cores. Next we look at how RAM, hard drive and graphics cards play a part in your performance. The paper concludes with our guidelines as to the optimal vs. practical system setup and finding the balanced set up for each user

The link below will take you to our site where you can download the Maximize SOLIDWORKS Performance White Paper.

To see our latest presentation, Achieving Extreme SOLIDWORKS Performance: Modeling Methodology you can find us in Dallas, TX at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 on Tuesday, Feb 2nd at 1:30pm.

For more information on SOLIDWORKS World 2016, you can go to


Josh Altergott

CATI Support Manager

Computer Aided Technology

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