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Mechanical software in the form of a CAD program is used as a product development tool to build tools as required for any job. A supplier of these types of programs is MCAD. They specialize in supplying 3d design programs to the engineering industry for just this reason.

A good software tool allows the engineers to plan and build each specialized individual part of the finished tool. The program also contains a large database of regular build items such as washers, screws, bolts and nuts. Each of these items has standard sizes and fittings, and can be placed and fitted where ever required within the build.

The simplicity of these systems allows a designer to create parts from a flat rectangle or circle.

This basic shape can then be moved using the mouse into different proportions and dragged into a three dimensional item. Shapes can be added to the item to create holes or remove slices also they can be extended to add appendages such as pins.

Any sharp edges on the parts can be smoothed into curves by adding fillets and the sizes and angles can then be changed to fit. Screw threads can be added to holes or pins and the program offers a selection of standard sizes to choose from. Holes or pins can be linked so that any dimensional changes can be made to just one of these parts and they will all change.

Once some parts have been created the program allows for them to be fitted together on the screen.

In this way it can be seen that any pegs fit into the corresponding holes and are not too small or too big, while other parts can be seen to join together using standard nuts, bolts and washers. These can also be adjusted to create non standard parts if required.

The CAD has a large store of standard engineering data such as thread sizes and standard sizes for parts like nuts bolts and washers. This means it is possible to create parts that conform to these standards and are therefore strong and resilient. Hence a mechanical person can concentrate on the creation of a new part for the build of the finished product knowing it will have the engineering strength to perform.

Using off the shelf parts for basic connections is obviously much more economical than designing special sizes for everyday hardware.

This program uses its engineering database to enable this to happen in a smooth and professional way. It makes the build process simple and easy to follow while allowing changes along the way to any parts that do not flow easily in the design.

As part of the process the computer logs all the new parts and produces blueprints it also calculates the weights and material needed for each part reducing the need for paperwork.

This is why mechanical software in the form of a CAD is so useful to the development of new tools and equipment. Engineers can now create their own parts and build tools for any conceivable purpose.

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