Modify Sketch Tool in SolidWorks

Ever want to move, flip, rotate, or scale an entire sketch? If so, you will want to check out the Modify Sketch command.

Found under Tools > Sketch Tools > Modify… , you can use the command while editing a sketch or not. If editing a sketch, you have the full functionality of the command –

  • Translate (move) using a typed-in value or just click and drag in the graphics window
  • Flip (move) by hovering your cursor over one of the axes on the black origin and right-click
  • Rotate also allows you do type in a specific angle or you can click and drag with your mouse
  • Scale allows you to apply a uniform scale about the origin of the sketch or scale the sketch about a moveable origin

If you are not editing a sketch, you need to pre-select the sketch you want to modify and then you can either rotate or flip the sketch.

The only watchout when using this command is that you cannot translate or scale a sketch with external references. You can rotate the sketch, however.

This command is particularly useful if you want to Copy a sketch to another plane or face, or if you are creating a Derived Sketch – which is useful for duplicating sketches for use in lofting.

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