Viva the design checker!

Before I forget, congratulations to Dan Bertschi founder of the Northeast East Ohio SOLIDWORKS User Group for his Lifetime Achievement Award he received Wednesday at SOLIDWORKS World! Dan is certainly very deserving…it was pretty neat to see an Ohio guy up on stage.

I attended three great presentations Monday at SOLIDWORKS World. Bill Briggs put us through our paces with Workgroup, Jeff Cope unveiled his new Office2PDM program, but I think my favorite of the day was “An Overview of the API in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM” by Scott Stanley. I took about a page of notes, but I circled one nugget that I thought I would share:

Are you one of those administrators that feel your files should follow certain standards before they are even allowed in your precious vault? [Good for you!] Scott demonstrated a little piece of code that upon checkin, runs your drawings through the design checker and if the design checker fails the drawing, the drawing cannot be checked into the vault!

RunDesignCheck is the name of the design checker method. The code itself is pretty trivial, but I thought for this tip, the concept was the most important thing….at least for me it was -because I didn’t even know the design checker had an API. Thanks for the good tip Scott!

Viva the design checker!

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