SOLIDWORKS Visualize: How to Get More Control and Speed

More-Control-and-Speed-with-SOLIDWORKS-Visualize-1Today we take it for granted that our digital product design and development process can run more efficiently with such software as SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and all of its add-on tools for design validation, product data management, and more.

Now think about the phase in your product development process when you need images to show others what it will look like and how it is intended to perform in the real world.

Creating images and animations of your product can be a time consuming and costly phase if you are dependent on physical prototypes and photography services. It can also feel beyond your control and cause your product delivery date to slip if it takes too much time.

The imagery is also needed to create numerous deliverables, including technical communications and marketing and sales materials. Completing this product data is just as important to getting the product to market on time as other phases in the product development process.

Now you can have more control and speed with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

SOLIDWORKS Visualize allows you to transform your CAD renderings into photo-realistic 3D images and animations. With a few simple steps, you can create lifelike content to display and promote all of your products quicker and better.

Bring your product vision to life with photorealistic images and animations

Wonder what your product will look like in the real world? SOLIDWORKS Visualize can show you that. Unlike basic CAD programs that provide a simple 3D sketch of a product, this software creates a photorealistic image customized to fit your needs. For instance, if your product will be used at night, you can see what it will look like under outdoor lights, bright indoor lights, and more. Adjust the camera filters feature to display your product’s best attributes so you can make strategic product development decisions before it ever reaches production.

Not only does this save you from making multiple prototypes, but it also prevents the need for expensive photography and creative services for animations. Rather than creating a physical product to be photographed in a scene, you can create the scene itself right in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Change the lighting, color schemes and exterior finishes to meet the needs of your clients, and present a jaw-dropping demonstration video that’s sure to stun them.

Showcase internal product features with cut planes and other advanced features

More-Control-and-Speed-with-SOLIDWORKS-Visualize-2If you rely on prototypes to make design decisions, you cannot see the inner workings of your product. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional allows you to create cut planes so you can see how your internal components are working. If there are any functional issues with the product, you can catch them before they reach production. This will save a tremendous amount of time and can your lower production costs.

Wow your investors as quickly as possible

No product can come to fruition without funding. For most developers, that’s where investors come into play. Whether you’re launching a consumer-based Kickstarter campaign or you’re making a big pitch to a high-end manufacturer, you need to put your best foot forward. SOLIDWORKS Visualize will help you do just that. Giving you the capabilities of the realistic images created, investors can see what a product will truly look like in its specific environment.


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