Moving and Copying Features in SOLIDWORKS

What is the fastest way to either Move or Copy Features in your SOLIDWORKS Part file.

First Left Mouse Button (LMB) select the feature you want (Chamfer1 in our part example below).  Hold down the LMB and drag feature(Chamfer1) to the desired location(outside edge of the part). Now hold down the Shift key to move the Feature(Chamfer1) to the outer edge of the part.  Or hold down the Ctrl key to COPY the Feature(Chamfer1).

Note: You can pick the Feature from the Design Tree or select the Feature from the 3D model.

Moving Feature Shown Below:

Moving Feature_Step1

Moving Feature_Step2

Copying Feature Shown Below:

Moving Feature_Step3

Note:  See the Design Tree above.  When you Copy the Feature, it will create a new Feature(Chamfer2) in your Design Tree.

I hope this helps make you more efficient!

Check you later,

Don Glaske

Sr. Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology

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