Named BOMs - An additional key to stable item numbers in Enterprise

This morning: 3:18 a.m.

I awake to the sound of quiet chanting and the smell of incense.

“Hippies” was my first thought as I looked out my bedroom window and saw long haired people sitting on blankets for as far as the eye could see. -They probably would have had flowers in their hair if my flowerbeds hadn’t been trampled upon last night.

Then I remembered the promise I made last night to the angry mob of Enterprise users… “Oh the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM folks!” I shouted as I dashed for my robe and projector.

My speech to the masses began:

“Last night I showed you how to see a SOLIDWORKS BOM table inside of Enterprise and I promised to show you another method for working with item numbers. While it is true a calculated Enterprise BOM does not have item numbers, a named BOM can!

  1. Take a calculated BOM and save it saveas
  2. You can add position [item] numbers with this buttonpositionnumbers

Don’t forget a named BOM is dead. It will not update as your assembly changes like a calculated BOM does. Usually this is a good thing. However if Enterprise sees the calculated BOM has changed since the named BOM has been created, you will see an alert icon  update next to version number. Clicking this icon will fold the calculated BOM updates into the named BOM – still keeping your item numbers in tact!

Thanks for the applause…now get off my lawn!”

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