Need an Intersection?

This is a tool that you may have forgotten about or have never used. It is the “Intersection Curve” tool.
It finds the intersection and creates a sketched curve. Well this is great…but how does this help me?
Here’s an example:
I have a lofted part or a part with an angled face and I need to create a baffle/rib that is parallel with the bottom face and about half way up the part.
Intersection Curve
Ok, now how do I use it?
You will want to select the plane/surface that intersects the face then click Intersection Curve (Tools>Sketch Tools>Intersection Curve), and finally select the face(s) of the part. A 2D sketch is created at the intersection of the plane/surface and the face.
If you don’t preselect the plane/surface, a 3D sketch will be created.

I know you’ll find a use for this tool.

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