New Stratasys Objet1000 Plus

Introducing the new Objet1000 Plus


the World’s Largest Mult-Material 3D Printer


objet1000 Plus


Create Large or Small Production Tools and Full-Scale Prototypes

Maximize your productivity and quickly achieve ROI with the Objet1000 Plus 3D Production System. Its multi-material capabilities, substantial throughput and ultra-large build tray get your jobs done faster, smarter and with more precision. Based on PolyJet™ technology, this versatile system enables engineers, manufacturers, designers and universities to 3D print any design, no matter how complex or detailed.

Part size is also no object: The Objet1000 Plus is equally adept at printing large or small prototypes with no compromise on precision. Print large parts over 1 meter in length in one build, eliminating the need to split your largest files in CAD and later bond the parts. Print many parts in one job and enjoy a competitively low cost per part.

Multi-Material Versatility

Along with its size, the Objet1000 Plus offers impressive multi-material 3D printing capabilities with the power of Digital Materials. Build parts with diverse material properties in one job, and even combine as many as 14 materials in one part.

High ThroughPut, Low Cost of Ownership

With an ultra-large build tray measuing 1000 x 800 x 500mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 in.), the versatile Objet1000 Plus amplifies productivity without sacrificing accuracy. It works largely unattended to produce multi-material parts directly from CAD data, preserving fine details and geometric complexity at any scale.

In industries like automotive and aerospace, the Objet1000 Plus streamlines production of 1:1 models, patterns, molds, fixtures and other manufacturing tools. It’s up to 40 percent faster than its predecessor, and offers the lowest cost of ownership per part of any PolyJet system. Its size, speed and precision amount to higher throughput, lower cost per part – and ultimately a quick return on investment.


Learn more about the Objet1000 Plus and contact us with any questions.

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