Off site backups

What are you paying for off-site backup storage? You do have off-site storage don’t you? Hey a building is just a building, but you lose your data and it is g-o-n-e!

and aren’t tapes a hassle? Trying to come up with a nice rotation schema, hoping the backups are complete before everyone comes in the next day?

Here is a solution to both of these issues most of you already own. Let SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM do this work for you.

It costs nothing to add additional EPDM archive servers, so many of our customers have a simple archive server located off site. I know of at least one archive server sits in the owner’s basement in his home.

This machine doesn’t have to be much of a machine either, since it is never really touched by any users. As long as the machine is realiable (clean it out every once in a while) and has enough diskspace, you can set your system up to push files to this remote computer via EPDM replication as often as you like.

You still have to get your database off site but a SQL backup file could be pushed to that computer too.

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