One Milllllllion Licenses!

SOLIDWORKS has hit ONE MILLION LICENSES! I still have a really nice polo shirt that says “200,000 licenses” on it from my second year with 3DVision! Needless to say, it is as obsolete as my Bengals T. J. Houshmandzadeh 84 jersey (Yes, I had to look the spelling up on Wikipedia… hope they were right!)

This is a big milestone for any CAD company. It means they did something right early, continued to innovate and develop, and listened to the user base who keeps coming back for more.

I have been around the SOLIDWORKS community since release 97+. Anyone been around longer? Think you know the history of SolidWorks? Play the Trivia Game here(contains sound)! Watch a personal thank you from CEO Jeff Ray and founder Jon Hirschtick here.

What do you think are the most important things SOLIDWORKS needs to do to if they want to keep this momentum? Submit a comment below…

Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil (aka Scott High)
Technical Services Manager
3DVision Technologies

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