Optimize Volume Of Your Component Using Simulation Professional And Design Studies?

Have you ever needed to optimize a volume based on a set of varying dimensions?  Simulation Professional and Design Studies can help.

Here is what you need to do.

To create a design study:

1. Do one of the following:

  • Click Design StudyDS2 (Tools toolbar).
  • Click Insert > Design Study > Add.
  • Right-click an existing Design Study tab and click Create New Design Study.

A Design Study tab appears at the bottom of the graphics area.


2. To set properties such as study quality and results folder, click Design Study OptionsDS3 .

3. Define variables using parameters.

Here your variables will be the dimensions needed to change your volume.

4. Define constraints using sensors.

You constraint would be mass properties for volume.  Set to monitor only.  Thsi gives you an output of how the volume changes.

5. For Optimization studies, define goals using sensors.

Set you goal to be the same as your constraint, a volume sensor.

Select Optimization, and allow SW to take over.  Optimization is like engineering cruise control.

6. Click Run.

The results of the study appear on the Results View tab.

Select a scenario or iteration on the Results View tab. In the graphics area, the model updates with the values for that scenario or iteration.

Click on the Optimization Link below to watch the full process.


Note Simulation Professional is needed for the optimization option.

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