PDM is all that AND a bag of chips

You’ve been told PDM is all that and a bag of chips. Your sales rep has given you white papers, graphs, ROI tools, demos, slick little sales sheets -at this point you probably could get him to do the chicken dance if you asked.

The real question you have been asking yourself is: “Why is it right for me?”. Your company has gotten along just fine without it, your directory system and SolidWorks’ file locking does the job, is SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM a luxury or a necessity?

Wayne Keller has been there. He knew there were others out there just like him needing help so he did like many others do…he developed a 12 step program to help you get through your day.

The first step, is to go to Javelin’s blog and see how Using Enterprise PDM with SOLIDWORKS can make life a lot easier.

Me: “Hi, I’m Jeff, I haven’t had a day without PDM in nine years.”
Group: “Hi Jeff”

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