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Build upon your SOLIDWORKS PDM capabilities to increase your return on investment. Automate and streamline additional processes for significant efficiency enhancements. Manage and control data more effectively to protect valuable assets. Choose one or all to meet your design team needs.



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Pigeon Hole

Enhance your control over PDM data card drop lists, including the ability to generate smart part numbers, filter drop lists, utilize multiple serial numbers and categorize files much more intelligently.

Since PigeonHole uses native SOLIDWORKS PDM functionality, it can be used to help you populate data cards of any type quickly and more efficiently. A few of the types of data cards that can be handled include:

  • File Cards – to categorize files for faster search or for smart part numbering
  • Search Cards – to quickly filter search criteria for fast, accurate retrieval
  • Template Cards – to ensure files are generated with the proper data field values
  • Folder Cards – to categorize multiple projects or product lines

The utility is easy to set up and no programming or query languages are required. Optionally, if you do know Microsoft SQL, PigeonHole’s advanced features allow you to populate drop lists from external databases, such as your enterprise resource management (ERP) system.

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Manually assign a file’s SOLIDWORKS PDM revision value. Simply select the revision value you want to use from the drop list. It couldn’t be any easier. The choice is under your control. The SetRevision PDM Utility allows you to skip revisions or even choose previous revision values to best suit your needs. This add-on utility also provides you with the option to automatically update the file’s data card – all with the same command.

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Version Free Variable Update Task

Update Task is a SOLIDWORKS PDM utility for version free variables on data cards at timed intervals. This utility addresses the challenge of automatically syncing critical information from external systems such as product lifecycle management (PLM) or enterprise resource management (ERP) tools into SOLIDWORKS PDM data cards. Ensure data accuracy and the timely access of information with a one-source point of contact.

SOLIDWORKS PDM already has the capability to automatically update data cards. However, this update is only triggered when a file goes through a workflow transition. Engineers often find the need to update files well after the files have gone into a read-only workflow state. Without the Version Free Variable Update Task utility, you would be forced to either update the data card fields manually, or change the file’s workflow state.

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ExportWorkgroup is the fastest and easiest way to export your data out of your Workgroup vault. It preserves your project structure and keeps your SOLIDWORKS references in-tact!

ExportWorkgroup is a utility that exports the projects and files of your Workgroup vault into a Windows folder structure. The utility scans through the Vault folder structure and creates a Windows folder for each corresponding Workgroup Project. It then copies the latest version of each file into these new folders preserving the original name of the file as well as any SOLIDWORKS references. These new folders and files may then be copied or imported into another PDM system such as PDM Standard or Professional.

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