PDMWorks Enterprise on a Mac?

Imagine you have several people who use a Mac at work. It would be nice if they could directly contribute to your engineering projects -so all your project data could be in one place. Last week during an install in Kentucky I ran across one of our customers using Parallels Desktop for MAC with Enterprise. It looked pretty good!

With Parallels, a window of Microsoft Windows is available on the Mac desktop. The user activates this window if he wants to check in/out files then minimizes the Parallels window and now he can do his “crazy Mac thing”!

The “Remove local copy” command during checkin didn’t seem to work, but “clear local cache” did, so that seemed to be a pretty good work around.

Obviously SOLIDWORKS doesn’t support it, but it seemed stable enough for production.

[<shudder> Two blog posts in a row that mention Macs. I hope my family back at home aren’t reading these.]

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