Peak Performance with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

With SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, users can transform digital peak-performance-with-SOLIDWORKS-Visualize-Professionalrenderings into realistic 3D animations. Get product photos before the manufacturing stage to work out the kinks, impress investors, and truly visualize the final creation. See a complete 360-degree view of a design, and make real-time adjustments that immediately transition from the program to the screen. The possibilities are endless, and the platform can be used in almost every industry.

In the following, we explore some of the many benefits of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional and how it could enhance your engineering abilities moving forward.

What is SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional is a software program designed to bring CAD renderings to life. This can be used to demonstrate products before they go into production, with a complete animation of all moving parts. Take still shots of a product from every angle and use adjustable lighting settings to create a realistic environment for the product to go into. Every element of the design is completely customizable, allowing users to precisely see what the final result will look like.

How SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional Works

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional works in conjunction with popular CAD creation tools, including Rhino, 3dsMax, Autodesk Alias, and more. These programs have the ability to create 3D visualizations on their own, but they aren’t exactly “life-like.” That’s where SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional comes into play, by translating the CAD data into photo-quality images to fine-tune designs.

Some of the most common applications for SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional include:

  • – Product demonstration videos that show how each element of the design operates and what benefits they provide to the end-user
  • – Enhanced 3D renderings that depict how the final design will look in real life
  • – Fly-by videos and adjustable camera views that capture a product in a true-to-life setting
  • – Interactive presentations and web content, including virtual reality and panoramic views
  • – Photorealistic animation that displays the function of a product, not just the way it looks
  • – Cut-through shots depict the internal design of an invention (thereby lowering the risk of errors)
  • – Promote the latest developments before they’re available to peek customer interest and create a hype around the product
  • – Save design time, so users can make their final product as successful as possible
  • – Lower the number of physical prototypes needed, giving users more resources to use toward production.

When I said the possibilities were endless, I meant it. Web designers, engineers, inventors, architects, content creators and more have the power to see their visions come to life with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

Product Visualization from Start to Finish

After uploading CAD data to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, a realistic rendering of the design is displayed. The program takes the design elements already in place and makes them appear as lifelike objects, ready to go to market. At this point, adjustments can be made to internal and external features of the product and the model can be prepared for animation or still-shot photography. If users are testing multiple finishes, colors, etc., they can catalog their options and come back to favorites later on.

Once the product is camera-ready, an environment can be created that best showcases how the product will be viewed or used. Choose different camera angles, light sources, filters, product materials, and more until an environment that looks like the one the item will be featured in is finished being created. Capture photos of the biggest selling points of the product to show potential customers, investors, and test groups. Users can select any angle they like, even a one-click 360-degree view of the final development.

To bring the product to life even further, part animations or camera animations can be created that highlight various elements of the design. Convey the full story behind the product that goes beyond static images. This interactive view is what will keep key stakeholders wanting more, and it could be the upward turning point in product development. Using the built-in Render Queue in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, users can see a design come to life. The program will do all the work for you. If the renderings reveal adjustments that need to be made, product features can be modified until the final result is complete.

Advanced Features in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

Customization is the name of the game with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. The package provides plenty of advanced features that can be utilized to improve any 3D animations. Here are just some of the numerous design enhancements available through Visualize:

  • – Customizable camera filters that let you put your product in a real-world setting
  • – Convenient Render Queue to improve the efficiency of your renderings (start multiple renderings at once, whether they are animations, changes in camera angles, design adjustments, or anything else along those lines)
  • – Interactive virtual reality outputs and panoramic views
  • – Animated exploded views of a product’s internal and external components that show how the minute details make a world of difference
  • – Side-by-side design comparisons that let you get feedback on which one will work the best
  • – Cut planes that provide a closer look of features that might not be visible in still shots or animations

With the help of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, get valuable feedback from potential customers and sales workers to improve a design even further. Compare products to the competition with a real-world view of how it will look and function. You can do this early on in the design process so you can make adjustments before the product hits the production line. This will ultimately save time, reduce overhead costs, and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Using SOLIDWORKS Visualize in Product Data Management

Product Data Management (PDM) refers to business technology that helps companies share, monitor, and view product data at each stage of development. Programs like SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional play a key role in PDM by reducing development times and streamlined data management solutions. Visualize can be integrated with existing PDM programs, and the renderings created will display in real time. Designers and production managers can collaborate with one another, and every member of the team will remain informed about changes as they happen.

Incorporating SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional into PDM cuts back on manufacturing time,  improves final product quality, automates time-consuming research activities, and controls revisions at every stage.

Creating the Most Accurate Animations Possible

To make the most of your work in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, make sure product renderings are created with the environment in mind. In other words, consider where your target audience will most likely use the product and how that will impact the way it looks in real life. Lighting intensity can be changed along with the location of the light source, the finish on the product materials, the background color, the angle of the product photography, and much more. The more accurate the setting, the more realistic the animation will feel.

Whether you are in the latter stages of product development or you want a better vision of your CAD concept, SOLIDWORKS Visualize gives users the power to showcase ideas in a realistic 3D environment. Still-photos, demonstration videos, cut planes, and more are all available right at your fingertips.

Unsure of the best SOLIDWORKS Visualize package suited for you or your company? Visit our product page for more information.


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