PostProcess: Polyjet Support Removal Made Easier

PostProcess: Polyjet support removal made easier

To all those familiar with Polyjet 3D printing technology – the benefits it offers are abundantly clear. High resolution, high throughput, full-color parts that serve a number of different industries. To those using Polyjet to create incredible printed parts, an issue may eventually arise related to support removal. Whether it is a bottle neck in manpower because your demand has grown rapidly and removing supports from 100 parts is taking much longer than you had anticipated. Or perhaps you have started to print thin wall fine feature parts that have a regular breakage rate during power washing. That and much more can be addressed with one of the Polyjet capable PostProcess Technologies support removal machines: The Centi, the Forti, and the Demi.

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Through their proprietary software, advanced hardware, and specially formulated chemistry these machines allow virtually hands-free operation with very limited technician attendance. All while producing parts that are consistent, batch after batch, because technician experience or preferred post printing technique won’t affect the parts appearance. Different digital recipes can be stored and retrieved to make sure that specific types of parts are getting precision energy management the way they need them. That happens through control of the built in ultrasonics, heaters, and circulating pumps. One feature I find fascinating is a portion of their Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology – it makes sure that parts that float sink and parts that sink float, essentially making them rotate within the center of the liquid chamber and exposing all surfaces to the cavitation forces of ultrasonics.

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If you want to reduce the cost of producing your 3D printed parts, free up your technicians to do other task, to make sure your parts have the same quality irregardless if it’s the 1st or 1000th in the batch – you need one of these PostProcess solutions. The Centi, Forti, and Demi provide a wide range of throughput and part size capabilities to make sure the hardware you get is best optimized for your needs.

, PostProcess: Polyjet Support Removal Made Easier

Contact us today to see how PostProcess can improve your business and your parts. Let us build a custom ROI case just for you.

Simon Indrele
Application Engineer, Manufacturing Solutions
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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