Productivity Tools in Solidworks Simulation [VIDEOS]

What if I told you there was a way to use tools inside Solidworks Simulation that would make you more efficient when running and/or setting up your FEA studies?  In this blog series, I will take through a wide range of tools that are primarily in Simulation Professional to help you do just that!

In each video, I will be covering at least three of these tools.  If you have a specific tool you’re interested in, please jump to the video shown in the list below:

Video 1:  Auto Fasteners, Unconstrained Bodies, Contact Visualization Plot, Trend Tracker, Frequency

Video 2: Load Case Manager, Sub-modeling, Edge Weld Connector, Matereality

Video 3: Flow to Structures, FEA Optimization, Thermal to Structure, 2D Simplication

Video 4: Motion (time based), Motion (event based), Motion Optimization

While viewing these videos, you will develop a clear understanding of how you can create faster and more accurate simulation models.

Happy Simulating!

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