Quick Tip for Assembly views

Sometimes you may find that you want to create a part view on an assembly drawing for reference or for tech pub documents. There are a few ways to do this.

Sure we can always dig up the model and insert a new drawing view of the part. But what happens if the assembly you are using is going to be saved off to it's own project? Or what if it is a weldment or multibody part?

For the assembly style try this. Go to the assembly model, right click on the part you want the drawing view of and choose isolate. This will hide the rest of the parts. There will be an isolate toolbar that pops up, on that bar there is a save icon.

Isolate button

This will allow you to save it as a display state. You can return to your original model by choosing the exit button, this turns the other parts back to show. Or if you created the display state you  may need to choose your original display state.

For multibody parts we probably would use a relative to model view from the drawing views pulldown menu. This works pretty good but may take a few attempts to get whatyou want if you are new to the command.

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