Rapid Dimensioning - turn it off on slow days

SOLIDWORKS 2010 introduced a great little productivity tool for placing dimensions in drawings: the Rapid Dimension widget – you know, that little blue and yellow ball that pops up when you are placing your dimensions

RD widget

Well, it turns out that many people liked their level of productivity as it was, thank you very much, and wanted to eliminate the tool and toss it into the SOLIDWORKS scrap yard. If you are one of those people, you need to install 2010 SP4.0 (rapidly).

You now have 2 options to rid the little widget from your screen:

1) press the ESC key to turn it off for the dimension you are currently trying to place. If you have a fancy mouse like mine (Logitech VX Revolution), you can program one of those extra keys you are not using to be the ESC key. (Very handy for all of SOLIDWORKS world)

2) uncheck the new toggle switch in the property manager to turn it off altogether. This setting will ‘persist across sessions’, so says the Release Notes.

RD toggle

So now you can decide how quickly your dimensions will be placed. Enjoy!

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