Rename SQL server

There are those rare times when you have a need to rename your server that is running SLQ server on it.

You may now know that once you change your server name.. that connecting to the SQL portion won’t work particulairly from remote clients.

I have found a couple of pretty simple SQL commands that can help assist in this.

From Query window.. I typically set it to “Master”.. run the following commands.

To return current name – 

     SELECT @@SERVERNAME AS ‘Server Name’ 

To return the old name –

    SELECT sys.servers AS ‘Server Name’

To do the actual renaming –

    sp_dropserver “INFLOW-AEPGUOJH”


    sp_addserver “INFLOW-R19-1”, local


***Restart SQL services


For more information please check out


By Scott Evans – InFlow Technologies –

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