Save as Exterior Faces…….

There are certain times that you just do not want all the information shown. Only certain people need to see certain things at certain times. For instance: You have a customer or vendor that has requested a footprint of a specific machine, assembly or what have you. They need this in a 3D environment to use in a layout or some other application. Your company has invested countless hours developing this product or products and there is proprietary information contained within this model(s). Or your assembly is very large and you just want to cut down on the overhead that you are sending out. The ability to save out your assembly as a part can help you out.

From the “Save As” dialog box choose your Save as Type to part:

, Save as Exterior Faces…….

At this point you will have to make a choice to what you want to save out.

 , Save as Exterior Faces…….

The “exterior faces” checkbox will save just that. No solids, a collection of surfaces of just the exterior faces.  The Exterior components will save out a Multibody solid with no feature history and only the parts on the outside. In other words- “No Guts”. All components will save as a multibody part with no feature history.

    So this begs the question, what if I have a single part file with proprietary information inside and I do not want my competition getting a hold of it? How about starting a new assembly with your one part in it and doing the save as part option. This way you could leave the “guts” out and accomplish your task of keeping your information yours.

Todd Werginz


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