"Save As" vs "Save As Copy" PART 2 (get a drawing for "free"??)

In my last blog I discussed the IMPORTANT difference between Save As and Save As Copy in SolidWorks.

Now I am going to help you with what to do if you have screwed this up in the past !!

Once you understand how this works, you can FIX any references that you have messed up, AND even be able to get a Drawing of a part “FOR FREE” !

Using the FILE–OPEN window, browse to an assembly or a drawing that has incorrect references to a file.
BEFORE you hit the OPEN button, click the REFERENCES button.
You can DOUBLE CLICK on any of the referenced files, and BROWSE to a file that you would like it to reference (i.e. the correct one), OK that window, and THEN hit OPEN.
The references will be swapped !

You can also use this to get a drawing of a part for “free”.
If you have a drawing that looks like a drawing you would like to make of a different part, use the FILE–OPEN window to browse to the drawing, hit the REFERENCES button, double click the existing part file, browse to the file you want to get a drawing of, close the window, and hit the open button.

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