Saving out just a few faces/surfaces

Have you ever had a “bad” area on a model that needs to be cleaned up or filled in, but there is too much other stuff going on around it to fix it ?
OR, have you ever just wanted to save out a face or two from one model and use it in another model to trim with or swap out an area of that model ?
How about just saving out a body or two from a multi-body part ?

Well here is a VERY little known trick in SOLIDWORKS to accomplish that task…

All you have to do is select the face or faces that you want to save out, and then do a SAVE AS and choose PARASOLID (*.x_t) for the “Save As Type”. After you hit the SAVE button, you will be prompted for WHAT you want to save out… (All Bodies, Selected Face(s), or Selected Body(ies))
Awesome !

Then you can open that up in its own file and work on it (for repairing a bad area) and then bring it into another part to use it for something (trimming, replacing face, etc.) by using the INSERT–PART command.

So easy ! When you know how…

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