Electrical schematics are easily updated with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Most of the time when I talk about SOLIDWORKS Electrical I focus on how we are able to make the initial design and documentation of the project more efficient than using traditional CAD tools. It isn’t very often that I mention how easily we are able to manage the changes that inevitably happen. Someone will be assembling the product, or testing it, and something needs changed. It will be something very simple to implement, but require you to update 50 different places in documentation where it is referenced. That’s when I tell myself I’ll do it later because right now I’m too busy. The great thing about SOLIDWORKS Electrical is we make it just as easy on paper as it (hopefully) is in the real world. Update it in one spot, and let the changes propagate throughout all the documentation.

In my latest How To Solve It webinar, I was demonstrating just how easy this was by replacing the relay I was using in a system. The hypothetical was that the original relay went obsolete and we had to pick a different part number that would accomplish the same thing. I also added a page to the schematic and renumbered everything. And that’s almost not an exaggeration. Page numbers, page cross references, symbol cross references on four different pages, Bill of Materials, wire lists, you get the picture. All updated in half a second.
See how it is done in the video below, and if you have questions or need further information, feel free to post a comment or reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss with you.

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