SHADED threads without COSMETIC threads

Did you know that it is possible to show SHADED THREADS (the neat .jpg image wrapped on your holes) on your model WITHOUT showing COSMETIC THREADS (the dashed circle at the top of the hole) ?!??
This might be useful for doing a nice screen capture without the dashed circles, or maybe you just don’t like them…

You can do this, but you have to “trick” SOLIDWORKS a little bit…
Right click on the ANNOTATIONS folder (in the tree) and choose DETAILS, if you turn OFF Cosmetic Threads it also “disables” the Shaded Cosmetic Threads option. But it really doesn’t… Hit OK to dismiss the window.
Go back into the DETAILS window again (same way as before) and NOW you can just turn ON Shaded Cosmetic Threads WITHOUT turning on Cosmetic Threads !! Woo Hoo !!
Weird, but it works !

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