Simulia’s SSE changes to SPE. So, What’s in a Name?

Mid-2018 Dassault Systems and SOLIDWORKS launched a joint project that offers advanced Nonlinear capabilities powered by Simulia, to the SOLIDWORKS Simulation community. Simulia’s Structural Stress Engineer, SSE for short, picks up high strain applications where SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium stops.

The SOLIDWORKS Simulation tool set has been a standard in the FEA world since the late 1980’s Formerly called COSMOS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium has advanced Nonlinear capabilities that help solve advanced engineering problems including geometric nonlinearities, nonlinear materials, and transient problems.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium has a robust set of tools including realistic contacts, advanced meshing algorithms, and powerful solvers. But even with these tools SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium sometimes takes a long time to reach a solution, or can’t solve these problems fully and the user needs to apply a work around.

Sometimes however, advanced Non-Linear problems fall outside what SOLIDWORKS Simulation can solve efficiently or effectively. This is where the newest product on the 3D Experience platform provides a solution. Simulia Structural Stress Engineer or, SSE for short, is a natural extension of Simulation Premium, offering a familiar workflow, and advanced Abaqus solver technology.

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SSE has recently gone through a name change and is now, SPE, Simulia Structural Professional Engineer. So What’s in a name? Well a lot really. SPE better describes the audience this product is intended for. Structural Professional Engineer is a Structural Simulation Role on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform that supports:

  • Non-Linear Static
  • Quasi-Static Time Dependent Material Behavior
  • Linear Static
  • Linear Buckling
  • Natural Frequency
  • Complex Frequency Extraction
  • Harmonic Response
  • Linear Modal Dynamics
  • Heat Transfer (Steady State, and Transient)

Simulia Structural Stress Engineer

Structural Professional Engineer adds additional Finite Element capabilities such as:

  • Reuse of SOLIDWORKS Study Data
  • Guided Assistant
  • Wider range of Element Types (Hexahedral, Quadrilateral)
  • Expanded Material Properties and types
  • Robust General Contact
  • Multi Step Simulation sequences
  • Improved Run Times
  • Collaboration tools

Finite Element capabilities

Simulia Structural Professional Engineer is a robust tool offering Simulia technology in an easy to use interface. SPE incorporates the Abaqus solver for highly nonlinear problems, a wider range of element types, robust general contact, and 4 cores of embedded computing.

SPE is the perfect analysis tool for when you need some additional capability than what SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium has to offer, but do not need the full power of Simulia.

Check Out Structural Professional Engineer for all your Advanced Non-Linear concerns.

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