Sketch Text

When trying to create text in a part with different orientations you can use centerlines.  For instance, if trying to create text in a circle just draw a circle and select "For Construction" in the property manager.  Once in the property manager for Text, select the circle and start typing the text.  It will populate along the circle.

Another problem someone might see is that when you have straight centerline lines the text populates backwards and upside down.  This is because the line was drawn from right to left and not left to right.  When you select the line, check to see what angle the line is drawn in.  If the property manager for the line says 180 degrees then the text will be backwards and upside down.  Lines are drawn in polar coordinates in SOLIDWORKS so that will cause the text to populate wrong.

Ketul Patel
Technical Support
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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