Social networking sites connecting vendors and customers

"It seems that you can't turn a corner these days without hearing something about social media or Web 2.0. Recently, vendors and channel partners alike have been catching on to this trend, with large vendors such as Cisco and Oracle implementing social networking sites to communicate with their channel partners."


"Social media is changing the way vendors communicate with partners and the way partners communicate with customers. Partners have always been innovative in finding new ways to communicate with customers, according to Jim Moffat, a U.K.-based sales channels consultant to IT and telecom vendors. Social media is just the next step"

"Social networking also provides more opportunities for reaching small business partners and customers in a way that is more scalable than traditional information flow methods, according to Mark Sochan, CEO of Partnerpedia, a social networking portal for channel partners."

What are your thoughts?  Does this offer you advantages in working with your VARs?


For full article… see,289142,sid100_gci1361308,00


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