SOLIDWORKS 2009 pre-release

The first pre-release of SOLIDWORKS 2009 is out. This release still isn’t intended for production, but we can now at least talk about it outside of the beta confidentiality agreement.

2009 appears to be a pretty good release, I think I am going to like it better than 2008 even though there aren’t as many “big hitter” new features. Download it and give it a spin.

I think my favorite new thing is that they have finally ported SOLIDWORKS 2009 to the Commodore 64 (VIC-20 is due SP2). No more hassle with the RealView graphics cards and video drivers. 16 colors and a 40 character display are for me! It is on 783 cassette tapes, so ensure your mailing address has a loading dock. Estimated download times with your 300 baud modem are 43 months, assuming your mom doesn’t pick up the other extension during the download. The SID chip really sounds good during collision detection.

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