SOLIDWORKS 2013 Section View Assist

Section View Assist

With the release of SolidWorks 2013, creating section views in drawings has never been easier with the new Section View Assist tool.  There is now one button that will allow you to do anything you need to do in a section view.  It’s an interactive process using the property manager to select the proper orientation and all is required is to snap to a location.  Let’s look at an example of a jogged section view.

Section view 1

Once you snap a location, you have a dialog box that pops up and lets you select what type of section view to select.

Section view 2

Once you select the type of section view, you can then select as many jogs as you need.

, SOLIDWORKS 2013 Section View Assist

Section view 3

Let’s take a look at the aligned section view.

Section view 4

Even with aligned section views you have offset tools built into one command.

Section view 5

The arc offset is a nice compliment to the aligned section view

Section view 6

Through this process, I didn’t have to draw any sketch geometry or create any sketch relations to create the geometry we are looking for.  As you can see, section view assist greatly simplifies the process of creating new section views in your drawings.

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